Why you should consider a photo booth at your next event

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

There’s nothing like a few snaps at an event to remind people of the good times. But these moments are even more memorable when they come from a DIY photobooth app like Shutterbug that gives you the ability to craft your own experience.

Guests always flock towards a photo booth – especially if they’ve had a few libations beforehand – because they want to take advantage of the moment and share it with others.

A DIY photobooth also offers more flexibility than a traditional option, is more cost-effective and features the latest technology – and what’s not to like about that?

It Loosens People Up

Lots of people are almost deathly afraid of photographers. In fact, many people at an event will hide behind flowers and other guests to avoid the photographer as he stalks around the venue – you know what we’re talking about, we’ve all been there.

And that’s where a DIY photobooth can help. When guests don’t feel the lurking pressure of a photographer, they’re much more likely to make their own choice to take a few impromptu snaps. A DIY photobooth is an entertaining, laid-back way to get your guests in front of the lens, and it’s there for them when they want to use it.

They can decide the best time for them to use it, and they’re more likely to get a little silly – which means lots of strange faces, stuck out tongues and organic memories.

It’s Something Different

When people go to, say, a wedding, they know the score. There will be drinking, dancing some food and at least one relative who takes it way too far on the dance floor.

But what most people don’t expect is a DIY photo booth where they can take their own photos and then download or print them for their enjoyment. Most guests might wonder what it is at first, circling it in curiosity. But once the drinks start flowing and the night goes on, it may prove a hard task to pull them away.

It’s Easy to Use

A DIY photo booth is so easy and straightforward to use even grandma might decide to get in on the action.

It might sound like a fancy concept – and the technology is very sophisticated – but anyone can jump in front of the camera and capture some memories of the night. And, best of all, Shutterbug offers four different outputs – Photo, Bounce, Gif and Slo-Mo – for guests to play around with and create some memorable images and video. And that’s not something a wedding photographer can offer!

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