Social Media and Your Wedding: 101

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

A wedding – aside from being the happiest day of your life, obvs – is a massive undertaking, with what seems like millions of things to organise and sort out. And, of course, things always come up you hadn’t planned for – your auntie wants to bring her new boyfriend you don’t like, Grandma doesn’t like too much noise and on and on.

Social media might not even be on your radar when it comes to your wedding, but with a few simple steps, you can keep everyone in attendance – and those who couldn’t make it – up to date with your big day. And that’s why we’ve put together this list of simple, quick things you can do to make social media a part of your big day.

Create a Hashtag

To make all your wedding day memories – the emotions, the laughs, the drunken pratfalls – easy to find, you’ll need to create a specific hashtag for the big day. With this in place, guests, the venue, caterers and anyone else can easily see what’s afoot.

The key is to make sure your hashtag isn’t already in use. ‘# SarahAndSteve’sWedding’, for example, probably won’t cut the mustard, so it's important to put in a little legwork beforehand – you can always delegate this to a relative, and they can’t complain because it’s your wedding day and you get what you want, damnit! – to make sure you’ve got an easy-to-find and unique hashtag.

You can play around with combinations until you find one that feels right, so consider incorporating wedding terms alongside your surnames for something memorable and easy

to find.

Make Your Hashtag Visible

Not every guest at your wedding is going to be an avid social media user, so it’s important to make sure people see and remember to use your wedding hashtag. We’re not saying you should hang a huge banner behind the altar or anything, but put it in places where they’ll see it. A great way to do just this – and encourage some memorable snaps for your wedding – is to have a photo booth in place.

Load it up with props, a backdrop and some good lighting and make that hashtag prominent, and you’ll benefit from all kinds of weird and wonderful wedding pictures. And, as the evening goes on, be prepared for someone appropriating the props for an impromptu bout of fun on the dancefloor – it happens every single time, without fail.

Let Others Do the Sharing

It’s understandable that you want people to see the amazing wedding you’ve managed to create, but the day is about enjoying the company of your loved ones and moving into a new, exciting chapter of life. For that reason, let your guests take care of the snaps, the tagging and the social media engagement duties.

You’ve put hundreds of hours into your special day, and you deserve to enjoy it!