What is Shutterbug?

Express the inner goofball

Photo booths have become a big part of many different events, from weddings to proms. And that’s not surprising because they offer a great way to get people together, take some impromptu snaps and embrace their inner goofball.

That’s great and all, but most photo booths require hefty setup and hardware to do what they do. Wouldn’t it be much simpler if there was a portable DIY photo booth that did all the same things? Oh, wait there is – Shutterbug!

Requiring only an iPad and a sleek, lightweight stand, Shutterbug can bring all the fun of a photo booth to any event without any of the tiresome heavy lifting and setup.  

It’s User-Friendly

Unlike many big photo booths exploding with confusing options, Shutterbug is all about providing an experience that’s so easy to use even Grandma will get in on the action!

Shutterbug doesn’t require an on-site operator to keep it churning out great snaps, and guests of all ages can get to grips with the technology in no time at all. And this is important because most guests at events don’t have the patience – or perhaps the sobriety! – To play around with screens-within-screens and complicated options. They want something that they can get to grips with in a second and capture their antics as they’re happening – and that’s just what Shutterbug is all about!

Powerful Technology in a Fun Package

Cramming a whole mess of options and features into a small package wasn’t easy, but we managed it somehow. The idea is to give the ultimate photobooth experience in a teeny, tiny, easy to use app and we’ve ensured Shutterbug is fully loaded to meet the needs of every user – from the rowdiest prom crew to mum and dad.

Instead of a hulking photo booth with a technician trying to pretend he’s having a great time, Shutterbug is quick and easy to use. But we also wanted revellers and partygoers to be able to accessorise their snaps, and that’s why we included more than one hundred – yes, one hundred! – Different design combinations from which to choose. If it’s a wild, jungle theme you’re seeking, it’s in there. If it’s something a bit more classic you want – say Grandad doesn’t want to get too nuts with his snap – we’ve got you covered!

Options, Options, Options

We know that sometimes you want a little more than a traditional snap. There’s nothing wrong with a good old photo, but your Twitter, Facebook and Insta won’t go far on photos alone! That’s why with Shutterbug we give you the option between photo, bounce GIF and slo-mo – or, you know, you could always use them all and document your descent into an epic night for the ages!

The choice is yours, and you’re in control, and you don’t have to wait for a tired, somewhat grumpy photographer to work his way round to you – and that’s always a bonus!