Your guide to DIY photo booth

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Finding the perfect photo booth for an event isn’t always a simple task. Many photo booths are big, heavy affairs that require a lot of setup and someone on hand to ensure they keep working as they should.

A DIY photo booth, on the other hand, is lightweight, easy to put in place and there’s no risk of the technology going awry when guests are desperate for some snaps. But this doesn’t mean the workings behind a DIY photo booth are simple or unsophisticated – far from it.

A DIY photo booth – like Shutterbug – gives guests at any event the opportunity to capture glorious images and keep hold of their treasured memories – and they don’t have to navigate a confusing interface to do it.

Design Your Experience

Shutterbug puts the technology and tools in the hands of event guests to customize and alter their photos as they see fit.

This type of bespoke experience is just what people want, and Shutterbug’s easy to use interface makes this a snap. Guests can choose from more than one hundred – yes, you read that correctly – different design combinations to add a little flair to their photos. This includes borders, gradients, colour changes and anything else a guest might want to play around with and alter. And that’s the beauty of Shutterbug – it’s as much about the fun factor as it is the final product.

Options, Options, Options

But we aren’t satisfied with mere adornments, no! We also designed Shutterbug to provide four different outputs for the images people take.

Users can choose from regular photos, Bounce, Gif and Slo-Mo. And this can make for some awesome, fun outcomes. The point is to give guests at events something unique and memorable, and what’s more memorable than a glorious gif commemorating an excellent experience? Not much, that’s what.

See Your Photos Before You Send Them

There’s a reason many people having their photograph taken, and it’s primarily because they can’t control how that image gets shared. No one wants their image out there when they’ve got one eye closed, and that’s why you can preview your snaps with Shutterbug before you send them.

We wanted everyone who uses Shutterbug to be happy with their photos, and we’re aware that many people fear the dreaded wedding photographer capturing them at their worst moment. We worked hard to ensure that everyone who uses Shutterbug can take a full overview of their snaps, only selecting the choicest snaps to make the cut.